The Center for Hellenic Studies "Paideia" is located at the main campus of the University of Connecticut. The "Paideia" Center features the Macedonia Educational Building, the Three Hieratchs Chapel, and the Alexander the Great Theatre. We are currently constructing a Hellenic Museum that will emphasize the contributions of the Spartans and greater Laconian Region. 

Macedonia Building

The Macedonia Educational Building was opened in 1997 and includes multiple classrooms, several offices, student meeting rooms, a community hall, a library, and an exhibit hall. The all marble Classical styled theatre was recently completed and seats over 700 spectators. 

Alexander the Great Theatre

The Three Hierarchs Byzantine Styled Chapel was opened in 1995. The chapel is open during the acedemic year and during major holidays. For more information on the chapel, please click on the icon above. 

We are currently constructing a Hellenic Museum to complete our Center. 

Hellenic Museum Coming Soon!


28 Dog Lane

Storrs, CT 06268 


T: 860-429-8518

F: 860-429-8518




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